Comments from our Guest Book...

8/10/13                Dick A.                            “Very Helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff.”

8/10/13                Barbara B.                      “Absolutely beautiful – very difficult to choose!! Great staff, too.

8/10/13                Deb W.                            “Love everything!”

8/11/13                Anita B.                           “Orig seen in Italy but this can’t be beat. Italy in the USA.

8/11/13                John and Doreen C.        “Unique store – we’ll be back!!”

8/11/13                Beth and Kayla M.          “Wonderful store!! Beautiful items J”

8/11/13                   Cristal L.                        “Thank you! Great store”

8/11/13                Felix and Neldy S.          “Great service and selection”

8/11/13                Corinna H.                      “Nice collection!”

8/11/13                Kris F.                            “Beautiful and versatile”

8/11/13                Suzanne S.                    “Only 10 minutes shopping. Great service.”

8/11/13                Kimberly R.                   “Very helpful and nice”

8/11/3                   Sharon O.                     “Awesome colors and designs”

8/11/13                Ken N.                           “Better than diamonds”

8/12/13                Fran and Frank B.        “Great service and product knowledge. Beautiful jewelry.”

8/12/13                Elizabeth D.                 “Thanks for all your help”

8/12/13                Mary Anne S.              “Excellent staff!”

8/12/13                Meri O.                        “Thank you!”

8/13/13                Talia P.                       “This place is so awesome! OMG! Great service.”

8/13/13                Fatima O.                   “very helpful. Great price. Beautiful jewelry.”

8/13/13                Olga R.                       “Thank you!”

8/13/13                Brenda G.                  “Nice salesperson * (it’s important)”

8/13/13                Meghan H                  “Great salesperson. Very friendly J”

8/13/13                Ariva S.                     “Very knowledgeable salesperson with a wonderful smile”

8/13/13                Sandy and Joey S.    “Great sales lady. Love that jewelry.”

8/14/13                Diane W.                   “Gorgeous!”

8/14/13                Sarah S.                   “Beautiful and elegant”

10/15/13              Ursula J.                  “Beautiful jewelry!”

8/15/13                Patty D.                   “Gorgeous!! J”

8/16/13                Annette S.               “Love the store! Great product”

8/16/13                Patricia S.               “Beautiful store and wonderful personnel”

8/16/13                Kelly C.                   “Wonderful  Everything!”

8/17/13                Claire P.                 “Loved it!”

8/17/13                Susan K.                “Beautiful!”

8/17/13                Kathleen H.           “Exquisite!”

8/17/13                Chrissy N.             “Love, love, love it!”

8/17/13                Michelle G.            “Beautiful!”

8/17/13                Karen C.                “Very friendly J”

8/17/13                Kim and Carrie Y.  “Beautiful!”

8/17/13                Brian and Jodi Z.   "It’s worth it! <heart>”

8/17/13                Margaret R.           “Love it!”

8/17/13                Evie P.                   “Thank you!”

8/17/13                Cheryl J.               “Wonderful”

8/17/13                Lou P.                   “Lovely store. Lovely salesperson!”

8/18/13                Lisa F.                  “Lovely”

8/18/13                Deidre T.             “Stunning pieces. I keep coming back for more!”

8/18/13                Cynthia D.           “Love it. Beautiful jewelry J”

8/18/13                Ellen O.               “Millifiori Encased Silver Gold. Dark blue outer, pink inner”

8/18/13                Shannon E.         “Beautiful jewelry.”

8/18/13                J.D. C                  “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful”

8/18/13                Nancy C.             “Great memories. Beautiful merchandise.”

8/18/13                Mindy S.             “Love your store!”

8/19/13                Julia and Andy S. “Brings back memories!”

8/19/13                Melanie B.           “Loved the handcrafted glass! Thanks J”

8/20/13                Aimee C.             “Love everything!!”

8/20/13                Sharon D.           “Wonderful store”

8/22/13                Shane D.            “I picked the winner! Go me.”

8/23/13                Nancy R.            “Beautiful”

8/24/13                Karen L.             “Lovely”

8/24/13                Rosemary B.     “Very lovely – Thank you”

8/24/13                Kathy E.            “Beautiful!”

8/24/13                Jil P.                 “Beautiful store, can’t wait to wear my pendant.”

8/28/13                Susan W.         “Beautiful pieces and wonderful service”

8/28/13                Rose G.           “Beautiful.”

8/28/13                Evelyn C.        “love the jewelry!”

8/29/13                Barri F.           “Pretty things!”

8/30/13                Janici H.         “Love the jewelry!!”

8/30/13                Jason M.        “beautiful.”

8/30/13                Eugene F.      “Fantastic”

8/30/13                Sandra S.      “beautiful”

8/31/13                Paula L.        “Lovely pieces.”

8/31/13                Joan G.        “Good Luck!”

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